My Next Best UK Fake Omega Speedmaster Is An Often Overlooked Model

This might come a bit unexpected, because my focus is collecting fake Omega Speedmaster Professional watches, or at least models that are in the line of Moonwatch descendants. And yes, I do have a Mark II, Speedmaster 125, Speedmaster LCD, Speedmaster X-33, etc. that are already the odd ones in my theme. When Omega introduced the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon in 2013, with its case diameter of 44.25mm, I was smitten by it. The all-black ceramic case, the ceramic dial, and, last but certainly not least, a beautiful in-house manufactured movement (caliber 9300). The perfect modern interpretation of an iconic chronograph.

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon
I was going through our big database of pictures that we took during all of our Speedy Tuesday events, and I noticed that there’s not one picture of someone wearing a Swiss movement replica Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon. Yes, there are a few wearing the Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Apollo 8, which I still think is one of the best variations out there, but no one is wearing the original 2013 Dark Side of the Moon. It seems it is not the most loved watch among Speedmaster enthusiasts. While the Apollo 8 can be found on the wrists of several collectors, the Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon ref.311. replica is clearly not perceived as interesting by die-hard Moonwatch collectors.

What makes the high quality copy Omega Speedmaster Dark Side so interesting?
How can you create a modern watch, that shares enough DNA with the original design, without becoming yet another heritage model? In the (very far) past, Omega tried this several times and this resulted in the famous Mark series. That endeavor continued up until the Mark V in the 1980s. This was Omega’s playground. We were treated to modern design — futuristic sometimes — with ingredients from the iconic Speedmaster design. Not every Mark series was a success. However, that’s not to say they didn’t become collectible among enthusiasts. Far from it, in fact…
In the past, I wondered (and also asked Omega during an event in 2011) about a black DLC Moonwatch, and if it would work or not. With the introduction of the perfect fake Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon, some of my questions were answered. I like how it looks! And having tried it a few times, it is also one of the few black watches I would wear.

In the past, Omega did some variations on the Speedmaster using the “Mark” identifier, and in my opinion, the brand could have made this Dark Side of the Moon the Mark VI. It brought a few new things to the table for the Speedmaster, such as the ceramic case and dial, of course, but also the in-house developed self-winding chronograph movement.
Caliber 9300
This movement ticks a lot of boxes for me. Not only does it have a column-wheel mechanism, but it also has the Co-Axial escapement, silicon hairspring, and a proper power reserve of 60 hours. Last but not least, it is a beautiful movement to admire through its boxy sapphire case back.

Furthermore, the movement has been chronometer certified. The black ceramic case fake Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon was introduced a few years before Omega came up with the Master Chronometer standard, but it is a trustworthy watch nevertheless. You can probably do your own math: it seems inevitable that this will be updated at some point to a Master Chronometer certified watch.
It looks cool
A lot of my Speedmaster collecting friends ignore the Dark Side of the Moon. It is perhaps too modern, too ceramic, too bulky, but I think it looks cool. And to me, it is still one of the best-looking models from the Dark Side of the Moon collection.

But here’s where it might have stumbled: I think that Omega made a mistake by releasing so many variations of this watch, so soon after this first OG model. Although those are not bad looking pieces individually, it has diluted the concept of the Dark Side of the Moon. The Grey Side of the Moon was kind of a cool edition. It seemed natural to offer your clientele the option of a black or white dial (as Rolex does with the Daytona). But beyond that, the concept perhaps wore a bit thin and eroded the impact of the original model I genuinely like and respect.
Modern Speedmaster
I can’t believe that the Swiss movement replica Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon is already eight years old. It still feels like a very modern watch to me. Is it perfect? No, it isn’t. It could have been a bit slimmer (like the caliber 9900 Racing models and the more recent Apollo 8), for example. But it still impresses me with its looks, and it wouldn’t be bad to have something modern in my Speedmaster box.

My heart is with the Moonwatch. That’s what I love and love to collect. But I also think that every collector needs his or her go-to watch. For now, my Seamaster 1200M PloProf has become a watch that I wear almost daily when not wearing a Moonwatch. But I also “need” a modern Speedmaster that I can wear under any circumstances.

The original Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon ticks a lot of boxes! The case diameter of 44.25mm might be an issue for some. However, it suits me well and I’ve learned you really need to try it first before you ignore a watch based on its dimensions. The Ploprof is another excellent example of that.

The aaa quality copy Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon 311. is in the current Omega collection and retails for €10,800. Check the official Omega website for more information.

Here’s why the 2008 UK top quality fake Omega Planet Ocean uk continues to be the watch I wear the most

What is it that makes a replica watch an ideal daily wearer? The requirements change from person to person without doubt, but there are a few essentials which should at least be considered – decent water resistance, legibility and reasonable accuracy. Occasionally, though, the right watch comes along and ends up stuck to your wrist whether logical or not. Though there was more heart than head involved, my 2008 Swiss movement copy Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ref. 2500.50.00 has now been my go-to watch for nearly two years running. Here’s why…

Throwing back to 11:59pm on December 31, 2019, I was sitting next to Albert Park Lake in Melbourne with my Planet Ocean NATO-strapped to my wrist. Regardless of the misplaced optimism I’d had for 2020, it was around this time my love for the watch had peaked. I’d acquired a healthy selection of straps for it, swapping them around almost every time I wore the watch, which kept it fresh and exciting. I’ve written about why I bought the watch before, at the same time as pouring out my adoration for Casino Royale, but my connection to high-end fake Omega Seamaster line goes much deeper.

I used to consider myself a one-watch person when I first found and restored my great-grandfather’s Omega Seamaster from 1958, a nice round 50 years before the Planet Ocean. But as much as I love that watch, I grew increasingly uneasy about wearing an heirloom vintage watch out and about, fearing that it would get scratched around as I work with live music in Victoria’s grungiest pubs. So, with James Bond and Chris Cornell blaring in my mind, I found a second-hand 42mm replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean ref. 2500.50.00 from 2008 and bargained it down to the $3000AUD that I could afford at the time. I didn’t know too much about watches then, so I was lucky that the compact lyre-lugs enabled the relatively chunky watch to feel comfortable on my 17cm wrist.

Since then, the clone Omega Planet Ocean is the watch I reach for whenever I don’t have a particular style in mind. I take it to the office, the beach, the mountains, pubs, whatever. It just works. Though it pre-dates Omega’s in-house movement revolution, the ETA-base calibre 2500C functions beautifully and has the smoothest operating feel out of any watch I’ve ever owned. Plus, being a fan of the heritage Seamasters, I vastly prefer the sculpted Hippocampus on the caseback instead of the sapphire window.

Approaching 13 years of age, the luminous paint is still incredibly vibrant, rivalling that of my modern Seiko Turtle with the fan-favourite LumiBrite. It’s got plenty of scratches, mostly from my own use, and while the sapphire crystal isn’t damaged, the infamous exterior anti-reflective coating has taken a good beating. It’s currently running at +6 seconds per day, and may be soon due for a service, although I struggle to bear the thought of being without it for any length of time. While I do get some satisfaction from its resale value increasing from the day I bought it, this watch definitely falls into the “I’ll sell it over my dead body” category of my collection. Although my roster has expanded by a few cheap copy watches over the past 12 months, I have no doubt that this will be my most worn watch in 2021 as well.

UK High Quality Omega Replica Watches With Swiss Movement For UK Sale

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Omega Seamaster Replica With Stainless Steel Case

If anyone sells a certain lifestyle, it’s James Bond, or by proxy, Daniel Craig. In fact, if you want to be like the acclaimed actor or spy, why not spring for a version of the watch he wears in the latest film, No Time to Die. Another from trusted Ebay shop Chronostore, this pre-owned top quality fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 2210.51, originally sold for $7,200. This particular watch has a black dial and stainless steel band, though the verified seller points out that it has a hairline scratch visible. According to Omega, the watch is water resistant up to 2,000 feet, which is probably why it’s a Bond favorite.
Omega Speedmaster Fake With Black Dial

Spotted on the wrists of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including Ryan Reynolds and Steve Carell, the Omega Speedmaster is considered an iconic and timeless piece that can be found in every watch connoisseur’s collection. This particular model, the cheap copy Omega Speedmaster 3510.50 reduced, has a round face with black dial, gloss finish, and analog display. It’s water-resistant and doesn’t require watch batteries. It also has a built-in tachymeter that can measure distance.