Fake Urwerk Watches UK – Some remarkable women (episode 2)

Some remarkable Urwerk replica watches for women have accompanied us on our journey from hesitant beginnings to our present success – women who have shown determination and goodwill, and whose personalities have been decisive in the life of our brand. These women have been there for us at crucial moments. Now is our opportunity to give them the recognition they deserve.

Sonia Afsar Shafie

« Sonia Afsar Shafie is my dear wife. We got married in 2002, just one year before URWERK presented the UR-103 model in Basel. At the time, I was living in New York and I was in Switzerland temporarily to work on an art installation. I met Sonia who had just arrived from Iran to continue her studies in cinematography at the cantonal art school in Lausanne (ECAL). I fell in love. Thanks to Sonia I decided to stay in my homeland Switzerland. She settled me down. She returned me to my roots. She was thus instrumental in the existence of URWERK replica watches sale in Geneva and Zurich. » – Martin Frei

« When I first met Martin in 2001, his openness and his unprejudiced character amazed me. I was very much attracted by his keenness to learn about different cultures, and the way he appreciates diversity.The day we moved in together, Martin brought along 100 boxes filled with countless objects, from unusual looking stones, seeds, carved pieces of wood, distinctive metal objects, cameras, and special toys to numerous pocket knives, his sketch books and beautiful paintings, magazines, films etc. that we had to come up with a master plan to figure out where and how to place them. He always read a lot, and I guess he knows more about history and culture of my country than me. I have met a man who loves books and music from all over the world as I do. »

« I feel privileged to be among the first to Omega replica watches for sale how Martin transforms the things he sees, detects and collects wherever possible into ideas and concepts for URWERK creations. He makes me look at things through his eyes. I enjoy discovering with him how an idea or a detail is linked with others in his sketches and how finally, URWERK prototypes take shape. » – Sonia Afsar Shafie

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