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I honestly did not see this coming. When I received my initial four Speedies at the beginning of the Speedmaster World Cup, I clearly saw the most potential in the best fake Omega Speedmaster 321 Ed White. However, I was also prepared for a surprise. But, this is a relatively new watch, and the list had many other iconic contenders. Just think of the recently fallen ST1, for example.

Or perhaps the Apollo XI 45th I went against in the semi-finals. Not to mention my personal favorite from my opening Group E article: the Japanese Racing. As RJ said, it would’ve been nice to see one of Fratello’s watches in the final, but hey, you guys decided otherwise. What strikes me the most is how different the Snoopy and the 321 Ed White are. They are night and day. Or better yet, black and white, just like their dials.
Less is more
I could get into bashing the Snoopy, telling you why the black dial replica Omega Speedmaster Ed White is better, nicer, more awesome watch is, but why should I do it? I mean, both watches got here because you guys love them so much. This also tells me another thing: you love odd, white-dialed Speedies as much as you love the ones that look pretty much like any regular Speedmaster Pro. So now let me talk to the guys who voted the Snoopy into the finals. I’m sure you have your reason why you chose the little white dog but I also know that its previous opponents were not on the level of the 321 Ed White.

I mean the First Omega in Space is cute but come on. Or the Tintin, a watch I deeply love, is no Snoopy indeed… Much less can it hold a candle to the Ed White. There can only be one winner. Should it really be a white dial Speedmaster with Snoopy on the dial? The winner of the Speedmaster World Cup? Or should it be a beautiful, clean Speedmaster that has both the iconic look and a legendary movement? You tell me.
Throughout this competition, I’ve been telling people not to compare prices. I want the replica watches to be compared as objects. This is what I’m telling you now. Let’s not look at how much a Silver Snoopy Award 2015 is compared to the 321 Ed White (we all know the answer). Rather, think about which watch you would rather own.

Can you walk into an Omega Boutique and buy or put your name down for a Silver Snoopy Award? I don’t think so. You can go to the usual suspects and pay a crazy premium. Nor can you walk into said Boutique, have a nice chat, try on some other models, drink a coffee, snag a Lifetime Magazine, and leave with an Ed White but definitely put your name down for one.
If the Silver Snoopy Award 2015 is a significant watch as RJ says, then what is the 321 Ed White? In case you have seen my previous articles about this amazing timepiece please stop reading now. Scroll a bit down and choose wisely. If, for whatever reason, you have missed those pieces here is a bit of a recap for you.

The high quality copy Omega 321 Ed White got its nickname from a legendary Astronaut. Ed White was the first American to perform an EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity). He took part in two missions (Gemini 4 and Apollo 1) respectively. Why does the watch bear his name? Because he used the predecessor of this model on his missions. That was a watch he purchased himself. The new 321 movement inside the watch, however, is connected to none other than Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the Moon.

It was Cernan’s watch that Omega clone used as the blueprint to recreate this historic caliber, the very movement that “stepped” on the Moon in 1969. Read, think, consider, and make the best decision by listening to your heart. As long as a Speedmaster wins, we all win. Thank you for your vote in advance.

Dear Speedmaster friends and voters, the ball is now in your court. Vote wisely!