The luxury fake Omega Constellation can be a bit of a touchy subject for enthusiasts. It’s a watch that’s held fast to its early ‘80s form that first debuted with the Constellation Manhattan, and thanks to the cyclical nature of fashion trends, is finding itself in the right place at the right moment these days.

Of course, the history of the perfect copy Omega Constellation is diverse, beginning in the early ‘50s and with some of the most beloved dress watch designs to ever come out of Omega, even to this day. The Constellation name represents two very different sides of the same coin, and with Omega expanding the collection further, we thought it’d be wise to give it a fair crack with some wrist time.

A Brief History
The seeds of the Constellation were planted with a watch built to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary, which happened in 1948. That watch was called the Centenary, and it provided the foundation for what would become the Constellation proper in 1952, both mechanically (with the 331 ‘bumper’ movement) and aesthetically (‘Lyre’ lugs and dauphine hands). It was a great looking watch and, unsurprisingly, the Constellation that followed was pretty good looking as well.
The Swiss movement replica Omega Constellation saw a number of variants and upgrades through the years, from sniper dials to precious metal cases, and of course, that pie pan dial. Ah yes, the pie pan dial, a detail that likely pulled many of us into the world of vintage watch collecting. These dials feature a raised central stage that falls off at angles created by connecting the hour markers. These watches had character that holds up today as original and approachable, and thankfully prices haven’t become obscene on nice examples. These are the Constellations that many of us think of when we hear the word, but this is a watch that has never really stood still.