Swiss Movement UK Replica Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday “Ultraman”

After the successful launch of the best fake Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday in 2017, to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Speedy Tuesday community, we sat down with Omega replica once more and discussed a possible idea for a Speedmaster. With the huge interest from the community in the original 1967 Speedmaster Ultraman, the watch with the orange second hand, we decided to see if we could do something really cool with that theme and make it a second Speedy Tuesday edition.

We decided to pack this black bezel Omega Speedmaster replica watch with hidden features. There is the Ultraman head that only appears under UV light. The small hand for the seconds is a nod to Ultraman’s Beta Capsule. And the first three minute markers on the chronograph’s minute recorder are also in orange. These three minutes refer to Ultraman as well, as he could only stay in superhero-mode for so long. Last but not least, there’s the Dot-Over-Ninety bezel with orange “Tachymètre” writing on it.

The Speedy Tuesday 2 “Ultraman” came in a beautiful box, based on the hexagonal futuristic table used by Ultraman’s Monster Attack Team. In the box, you will find the additional strap and a strap change tool that actually looks like Ultraman’s Beta Capsule. The other side of this tool is the UV lamp. Make sure to use that UV lamp to discover some surprises in the packaging. I love this watch for obvious reasons, but also because I believe it is one of the best thematic Swiss movement fake Omega Speedmaster out there and a worthy contender for the Speedmaster World Cup.

Best 1:1 Quality UK Omega Seamaster Watch From The 1980s That Is Still Cool Today

We know Gérald Genta as the designer of a string of watches that defined the watch industry as we know it today. One of his less popular designs is the replica Omega Seamaster Polaris. It is a watch that screams that it is from the 1980s. Genta designed the top quality Omega Seamaster Polaris fake watch with quite a few familiar characteristics we know from his other designs. The contrast between round and angled shapes, an integrated bracelet, and a slim profile are familiar Genta tropes.

The first Polaris was released in 1982 in a titanium and gold version that featured an ETA 1420 quartz movement. The poster boy for the fake Omega Seamaster Polaris for men was tennis star (and one of my childhood heroes) John McEnroe. I wrote an article on vintage Omega ads where you can see the excellent ad Omega made with McEnroe. Fun fact is that in their ads, Omega named the watch the Omega Titanium. Later, Omega also released versions in a combination of stainless steel and gold.

Although the Polaris was mainly available as a quartz watch — including a brilliant digital/analog hybrid — there are later versions that feature a mechanical movement. The main feature of the quartz movement Omega replica watch that still has people talking is the gold inlay. How Omega was able to produce a titanium case with a 2mm thick gold inlay is still one of the industry’s secrets. The Seamaster P.O. was part of the Omega collection until 1993 when Omega introduced the Seamaster Professional 300M. The Polaris doesn’t get a prize for being a timeless classic, but it does compete for the most recognizable ’80s watch design.