The Longines Equestrian Collection: a tribute to the brand’s passion for the equestrian world

As a token of its long-running passion for equestrian sports and its attachment to its lady customers, Longines is launching a new line with shapes and materials inspired by iconic elements of the equine world. Boasting a decidedly bold design, the various models of this collection remain true to the elegance Omega replica watches that characterises the winged hourglass brand. The Longines Equestrian Collection has been created as an allegory of the equestrian world.

Longines’ history and the history of equestrian sports have been intertwined for over a century. It was therefore natural for the brand to dedicate a collection to this passion. The various models of The Longines Equestrian Collection are linked by their references to the equine world. Shapes and materials derive their inspiration from symbolic elements of this environment, like a sublime echo of the world of horse lovers. Longines thus celebrates the elegance of riders and their mounts.

Arches on racetracks evoking horseshoes, stirrups acting as supports to follow their horse around the high jump course, fine leather of saddles: all these strong images are found in the bold lines of these Omega fake watches dedicated to female equestrian sports lovers. On their wrist, the hands waltz to the rhythm of time and merge with the pace of the horses. With the Longines Equestrian Collection, Longines offers a genuine allegory of the equestrian world in tribute to the deep bonds the brand has forged with it.

The models evoking the arch are available in four sizes – 23 mm, 26 mm and 30 mm and 34 mm – while watches drawing their inspiration from the stirrup come in three sizes, 23.50 mm, 26.50 mm and 30 mm. Their steel cases house a quartz movement and each of these watches also comes in a diamond-set version. The polished black lacquer and mother-of-pearl dials are adorned with diamond indexes, while the silver-coloured flinqué dial features Roman numerals and the silver-coloured sunburst dial Arabic numerals. The stirrup-shaped model with a mother-of-pearl dial is also available in an even more dazzling version, decorated with a double row of diamonds. All the Omega replica watches uk in this collection are fitted with overstitched leather straps matching the rider outfit.

Breguet – Marine Chronographe “200 ans de Marine” 5823

On October 27th 1815, Abraham-Louis Breguet was appointed chronometer-maker to the French royal navy by King Louis XVIII. It was not only a Omega replica watches uk prestigious honour but also an essential state function. At that time, marine chronometers were of vital importance to fleets as they could determine the position of ships at sea.

They had to be accurate and resist the constant movement of a ship. Involved in this task,Breguet designed a number of outstanding marine chronometers. They were mounted on special boxes made of mahogany or walnut wood. A gimbal suspension system kept the chronometers level whatever the circumstances. The Marine collection recalls that period of the company’s history and meets the demands of today’s clients. The tough and dynamic looks of the Marine cheap Montblanc replica watches are the result of a contemporary design that retains some of the brand’s stylistic features.

To mark the bicentenary of Abraham-Louis Breguet’s appointment as chronometer-maker to the navy, the Manufacture has produced a most exclusive chronograph — the Marine Chronographe reference 5823 “200 ans de Marine”. This self-winding watch is limited to 200 copies and is distinguished by its platinum case. Furthermore, its hand-guilloché gold oscillating weight features a two-tone black and rhodiumed exterior. The gold dial, in matt black, indicates the hours and minutes, with the chronograph seconds and minutes hands in the centre. This limited edition is further equipped with two subdials, one at 9 o’clock for the running seconds and the other at 6 o’clock for the chronograph hours counter. A dates aperture, also at 6 o’clock completes the indications. The 42mm-diameter Omega fake watches uk is delivered on a black rubber strap.

Hermès – Cape Cod Zebra Pegasus

At Hermès, delicate operations tinged with a blend of poetry and virtuosity combine, giving life to exceptional creations. Like something straight out of a fantasy book, the dial of the Cape Cod Zebra Pegasus depicts the encounter between two ancient and highly demanding arts: engraving and Grand Feu enamelling. The latter is expressed through the miniature painting of the zebra and the cloisonné technique featured on the Omega replica watches uk wings. Interpreted as four one-of-a-kind creations, each playing with different shades of colour, Cape Cod Zebra Pegasus features a motif borrowed from an Hermès silk scarf designed by Alice Shirley.

It all begins with a 22-carat gold plate crafted into three different layers to create the first depth effects between the zebra and its wings. The engraving work can now begin. Patient, meticulous and extremely accurate work with the graver reveals the details of the feathers on the wings, which are then enamelled using the cloisonné technique. To achieve this, the artisan individually places tiny gold wires marking out the contours of the areas to which translucent enamel will be applied in exquisitely refined touches.

When it comes to the zebra motif itself, the enameller expresses a true artist’s soul through miniature enamelling. Wielded with infinite dexterity and delicacy like that of a painter, the brush dances across the best Cartier replica watches dial in applying the glass powder – in this case opaque.

Translucent or opaque pigments, a colourful or black & white symphony: only after numerous successive firings at more than 800°C will the enamel reveal all its subtle nuances. The wealth of colours, as well as the light, perspective and depth effects – born of the encounter between engraving and enamel – are gradually awakened with each firing in the kiln until the full picture finally emerges of this fascinating winged zebra, glowing and shimmering in its gold and enamel coat.

These works of art f ind a worthy frame within a 750 white gold case, while a  Omega fake watches uk Manufacture Hermès H 1837 movement imparts vibrant mechanical life to these four truly unique models.